Drew Olbrich

iOS Engineer


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I’m an iOS engineer with a passion for UX implementation and design, as well as interactive 2D/3D graphics. I’ve shipped 8 iOS apps in a lead role.

I love being inspired by talented designers, obsessively polishing UX details, engaging in iterative product design, and striving to meet the occasional crazy deadline.

Before transitioning to iOS, I worked at DreamWorks, developing in-house 3D animation desktop applications.

In 2013, I received a technical Academy Award for co‑developing the lighting application used by animators to create Shrek, Madagascar, and 30+ other films at DreamWorks.


I’ve worked at four startup companies, most recently Trash, an early stage ML-based video editing iOS app startup.

I inherited the Trash project shortly after the app launched in the App Store. As the emergency lead engineer replacement, I implemented new features on an aggressive schedule to move the product forward while fixing legacy bugs. Trash was acquired by VSCO in 2020.

Before Trash, I worked at Polyvore, which was acquired by Yahoo.

At Polyvore, I collaborated with a small, labs-style team to develop experimental iPhone apps in the categories of fashion, social networking, group video chat, and personal finance. Each app went from design to shipping product in two to three months, followed by several rounds of iteration driven by UXR and analytics.

At OnLive, I was the lead engineer on a team that implemented a 3D front end for a streaming video game service.

At DreamWorks, I worked closely with animators while developing a suite of in-house 2D and 3D graphics applications used to create TV commercials, live-action film effects, and computer animated films. I created many app components as part of this work, including custom 2D UI controls, specialized 3D manipulators for lighting scenes, a sophisticated spreadsheet-like editor for large databases of lighting information, and a playback view for character animation.